Seal-less pumps for emissions control

Louise Davis

Hydra-Cell pumps from Wanner meet the challenges of flue gas scrubbing in terms of corrosion resistance and their ability to handle abrasive particulate matter.

In the wake of the recent automotive emissions scandals, air pollution control has again taken ‘centre stage’. The challenge of minimising the environmental impact of industrial processes has never been greater as mandatory emissions threshold limits are driven ever lower.

Of major concern are particulate matter and toxins emanating from thermal processes. The majority of particulates can be removed effectively by gas scrubbing in its variety of forms and modern scrubbing liquids are commonly tailored to the pollutants being removed.

As the scrubbing liquid is invariably recirculated, the extracted particulates can prove problematical for pumps with dynamic seals, causing premature wear and possible catastrophic failure.

Being a seal-less design, Hydra-Cell pumps handle these abrasive particles with ease. Pumped liquids or slurries are 100% contained and a wide choice of pump head materials ensures even the most aggressive scrubbing liquids cause no pumping problems.