SeaBotix Inc

A world leading manufacturer of highly capable underwater Exploration Class ROV

SeaBotix is a world leading manufacturer of highly capable underwater Exploration Class ROVs that perform a multitude of tasks that meet the demands of the offshore industry.

SeaBotix Containerized Delivery System (CDS) is the first rapid response, fully self-contained, 4,000 meter depth rated ROV system. The SeaBotix CDS is a revolutionary system for deep water observation and light duty work. This container has 1/3 the footprint of a work-class ROV and it takes a fraction of the time to mobilize with its single point lifting system. CDS can be operated by 2 persons from vessels as small as 40 meters and is simple to deploy, operate and service. A cost-effective approach, the CDS package includes a customizable control room, workspace, active heave compensated winch, LARS, TMS, and 4,000 meter rated vectored MiniROV (vLBV4000).

Secure, flexible, easy to use and with a variety of sensors such as sonar, high resolution cameras, grabbers and more, CDS is a solutions platform for offshore inspection needs.

SeaBotix Fly-Out System
With a Fly-Out System you can fly a SeaBotix MiniROV out from a WROV, a manned submersible or simply from a dedicated Tether Management System (TMS) as offered with CDS. Key features of the SeaBotix Fly-Out System include a depth rating down to 4,000 meters (13,125ft) and 200 meter (650ft) excursion tether deployed from a remote controlled underwater winch with level wind. Fly-Out Systems vary from one application to another, but there are some key modules that are used in every application such as: underwater winch with level wind, a control system, and a garage to keep the ROV safe during deployment and retrieval. SeaBotix has strived to make these key components as modular as possible so that they can be re-arranged in a variety of different configurations to match the application needs.

SeaBotix vectored Little Benthic Vehicles are stable and powerful MiniROV platforms (vLBV300, vLBV950, vLBV2000, & vLBV4000)
The highly capable vLBV series of vectored ROVs offer incredible stability and a powerful platform that allows a wide range of cameras, sensors and tools through its unique Ethernet communications. SeaBotix vLBVs are flexible platforms for a diverse range of applications including tight areas within complex structures at depths of up to 4,000 meters (13,125ft). The vectored thruster configuration provides amazing control. Equipped with (6) powerful, oil-compensated, brushless DC thrusters (4 adjustable vectored horizontal and 2 vertical thrusters) making it highly efficient for demanding conditions offshore. 

SeaBotix vLBV-10 SeaLift system, with depths up to 300 meters (1,000ft), adds (4) additional powerful thrusters (6 vertical and 4 horizontal vectored thrusters) giving it an unprecedented lifting capacity of 18kg (40lbs) and yet still maintain a compact vLBV design. To handle the heavy lifting, the vLBV-10 is fitted with an articulating grabber arm. Once the object is grasped, the grabber arm can be rotated down the ROV’s center for lifting. This articulation keeps the vLBV-10 stable.



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