Screw it, but why?

Paul Boughton

There is a growing trend for electronic sub-assemblies to be manufactured with no regard to future repair, so why are some still being manufactured using screws when disassembly is not required? Screws are costly to install, so designers are looking for alternative solutions.

Having a reliable fastener is essential, but there are now quality products available that offer less ‘installed cost’ than screws and give peace of mind that, once it is fixed, it is secured for the useful life of the product. By eliminating tapping-in threaded inserts and negating the possibility of cross-threading or screws becoming loose due to vibration, time and money has been saved. Not to mention cost savings with regards to the tooling required for fitting screws, such as torque-controlled machinery. Pins also provide the answer for scaled manufacturing as they are easier to fit using modern automated production.

PennEngineering’s microPEM TackSert and TackPin products are being used extensively to replace screws in many popular handheld and portable electronic devices. There will always be a case for micro screws, but in many situations there is no case at all.

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