Scanner gets a software upgrade

Jon Lawson

The Olympus Iplex NX features a newly released software update which enables users to generate instant 3D models for intuitive visualisation of stereo images.

Seeing the precise shape of critical components becomes easier when using this feature. Its stereo imaging capability helps users enhance knowledge of the target with multiple 2D/3D views and automatically provides useful information such as min/max values and locations. It also has powerful renderings such as tip-to-target and reference plane that allow users to quickly understand the target by viewing the colours of 3D models.

With the new software upgrade, users will immediately be able to manipulate 3D models using either intuitive multi-touch gestures on the touch screen or via short-cut buttons on the existing remote control.

In order to understand the internal shapes and features of inspected components even better, the software enables virtual ‘slicing’ of 3D models. With this function, users can easily remove sections from the model to get the best possible view.

To provide high confidence in the placement of selected reference and measurement points, the new software has a real-time connection between its 2D and 3D views. This means, for example, that when a user changes a pixel selection in 2D view, the software automatically updates the selection in 3D view. This intuitive method reduces the risk of misplaced measurement points, thus improving inspection efficiency.

The new advanced 3D modelling capabilities of the Iplex NX come in addition to a wide range of existing high-end features like a high-definition CCD chip, ultra-bright laser diode illumination and the unique Olympus PulsarPic processor to reduce halation to deliver clear images/videos, especially in highly reflective environments such as the interior of gas turbines.