Safety quick release pins

Jon Lawson

WDS Component Parts Ltd has updated its range of safety quick release pins with the introduction of thirteen new sizes.

The new parts are available in 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm diameters and shaft lengths from 20mm to 80mm (total lengths from 49mm to 123.3mm). Weights vary from 24 to 129 grams.

Each pin’s release button is recessed so that it cannot be pushed by accident, and they are designed for simple fastening and adjusting.

To make their extraction equally easy, each pin is fitted with a pull ring.

To ensure the pins are robust and suitable for duties that can be safety critical, the pins are made of hardened high tensile stainless steel.

This makes them highly corrosion resistant and therefore suitable for use in environments such as marine and shore-side; in food processing and handling operations; and industries where wash-downs using water, steam or chemicals is frequent. In detail, the pin bodies are in 14-4 PH grade, 303 grade is used for the spindle, button and handle, while the spring is formed from 304 grade.

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