Rust: protect your assets

Louise Davis

Rust can be a killer for any industry, both in terms of equipment damage and reparation costs. To combat this, water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe’s Maintenance and Partsmaster Innovation Platform has developed two protective permanent coatings to help businesses save money and protect their assets.

The two products, HyZinc Extra and AL217, protect the integrity of an infrastructure from being compromised by rust. Both products offer high adhesion, rapid drying and are available in an aerosol spray for ease of application.

Under tightening legislation, there is an increased pressure for regular inspections of equipment and structures to limit working hazards. The painless spraying of a corrosion-resistant coating can alleviate some of this pressure and remove the need for excess clear up.

“Corrosion accumulates slowly so it’s disastrously easy to forget about or overlook,” explained Peter Crossen, VP of NCH Europe’s Maintenance and Partsmaster Innovation Platform. “That’s why it is important for infrastructure and surfaces to be supported with long-lasting protection.

“Both HyZinc Extra and AL217 were designed to offer peace of mind to maintenance engineers. Both products work quickly, are easy to apply and are ideal for everything from weather-worn construction environments to chemical manufacturing plants where pipes regularly corrode.”

Coating products form an essential part of an effective rust prevention programme. After a maintenance engineer has de-rusted a surface with a rust removal product, coatings should be used once the surface has dried and a primer has been applied. This creates a protective outer layer that prevents rust from returning, either temporarily for transport or permanently for fixed structures. In the case of HyZinc Extra, no surface primer is necessary.

HyZinc Extra can also repair galvanised surfaces. Due to its high levels of zinc, from where the product’s name originates, it can offer a convenient top layer to galvanized iron surfaces where the pre-existing zinc layer has begun corroding. This provides added benefits to those operating in the automotive and transport sectors.

AL217 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can withstand temperatures of up to 220 degrees Celsius. This makes it ideal for harsh building and construction environments where temperature poses a problem for coatings.

Both HyZinc Extra and AL217 are part of the crucial final step in NCH Europe’s three-step solution to preventing corrosion and rust. This consists of preparation with an industrial degreaser, treatment with a rust removal or encapsulation product and protecting with a temporary or permanent coating.

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