Rupture discs

Paul Boughton

An oil and gas service company was designing a downhole tool to perforate and hydraulic fracture a well using shear pins. The shear pins did not perform to high level of accuracy during the development stage of the downhole tool. The service company determined the shear pin performance would not be acceptable for downhole operation.

After an on-site meeting, the service company lead engineer contacted Continental Disc about its WASP Rupture Disc. The Well Activation and Safety Protection Rupture Disc is manufactured with a ±2% burst tolerance for a wide range of downhole applications.

After receiving the WASP Rupture Disc the service company was able to verify the performance of the rupture disc. The service company completed on-site testing of the WASP Rupture Disc installed on the downhole hydraulic fracturing tool, and was able to perform at a highly accurate level. The highly accurate WASP rupture disc allowed the service company to use the downhole tool for hydraulic fracturing oil and gas wells.

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