Rupture disc now available with a 97 per cent operating ratio

Paul Boughton

Elfab has further developed its Opti-Gard rupture disc making it the only reverse-acting disc on the market to benefit from a 3 per cent tolerance and an improved 97 per cent operating ratio.

The 3 per cent tolerance combined with an operating ratio of 97 per cent increases the service life of the rupture disc and can reduce stock holdings by up to 65 per cent.

The Opti-Gard system comprises a reverse-acting rupture disc, a single design holder suitable for a wide range of flange specifications and industry leading, non-invasive ATEX-approved burst detector Flo-Tel.

Integral Flo-Tel is Opti-Gard’s non-invasive ATEX approved detection device. Unlike traditional membrane detectors, Flo-Tel is reusable and so only requires a one off installation. Since it is isolated from downstream pressure fluctuations or aggressive media, it will not cause unnecessary downtime though spurious failure indication.

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