Rupture disc developed for duplex holders

Paul Boughton

Pressure management specialist Elfab has launched a new version of its Opti-Gard rupture disc for use with duplex holders.

Opti-Gard High-Strength Magnet (OPM) will typically benefit customers in the oil and gas industry and makes the Opti-Gard range suitable for an even wider range of applications.

The Opti-Gard system comprises a reverse-acting rupture disc, a single-design holder and Flo-Tel, a non-invasive, ATEX-approved detector. The Flo-Tel sensor fits into the rupture disc holder while a magnet is attached to all Elfab rupture disc products. When the disc bursts, the magnet arcs away from the sensor and produces an open circuit signal. After functioning, only the disc needs to be replaced, saving on both material costs and downtime.

Previously, Flo-Tel could not be supplied for applications requiring duplex holders, as duplex stainless steel is magnetic and prevented the detector from functioning correctly. OPM features a high-strength magnet, allowing its detection system to be used across a wider range of process conditions where duplex holders are required.

Flo-Tel offers a wide range of unique benefits to customers requiring notification of disc burst, being the only integral ATEX-approved detection system available on the market. Unlike traditional membrane detectors, Flo-Tel™ is reusable and so only requires a one-off installation, saving significant costs associated with ongoing wiring. Since it is isolated from downstream pressure fluctuations or aggressive media, it will not cause unnecessary downtime through spurious “failure” indication. 

Like the traditional Opti-Gard disc, OPM continues to offer some of the best performance specifications on the market for liquid, gas and vapour applications, featuring a three per cent tolerance and 95 per cent operating range.


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