Rugged LDMOS RF power transistors for HF, VHF and ISM applications

Jon Lawson

Ampleon has announced the release of a comprehensive portfolio of overmoulded plastic (OMP) RF power transistors using the well known, extremely rugged LDMOS technology.

Aimed at manufacturers of broadcast and ISM transmitters or generators, target markets for the BLP05H6xxxXR series transistors are FM/VHF radio and TV broadcasting, and industrial, scientific and medical RF power generators.  Ranging in power from 35W up to 700W CW (continuous wave), all of these ‘best in class’, extremely rugged RF power transistors utilise the same SOT1223 package outline and can be used in any RF power application in the HF to 600MHz frequency range.

Able to withstand extreme load mismatch conditions, the transistors feature high efficiency, so energy usage and operating costs are reduced. As less cooling is needed, system requirements are simpler, which is beneficial for overall bill of material costs (BOM). Specific examples of end equipment applications include CO2 plasma lasers, MRI medical scanners, particle accelerators, plasma lighting, FM radio, and VHF digital TV.

In just one of many examples of the BLP05H6xxxXR series transistors’ performance capabilities, Ampleon has produced a demonstration circuit of the BLP05H635XR as an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) driver amplifier for a high power final output stage using multiple BLF188XR transistors.  In this example pulsed power is provided, but the part is also eminently suitable for full CW applications up to 35W at a gain of 29dB with an efficiency of greater than 75%.