Rugged 19mm sensor features wide compensated temperature range

Paul Boughton

Measurement Specialties has now expanded its 154 Series of media isolated, piezoresistive silicon pressure sensors with the small profile, backside compensated 154B.

Housed in a 316L stainless steel package as standard, the compact 19mm sensor is also available in an ASTM Grade 2 CP titanium housing for exceptionally harsh environments. This broadens the 154B’s uses from process controls, refrigeration and compressors, hydraulic controls and fresh water measurement to medical equipment, such as dialysis machines, as well as more corrosive environments, including brackish and salt water.

The headerless design of the 154B enables a low-cost solution for low pressure applications where the silicon die is attached 'upside down' directly to the module. The O-ring mountable sensor is easily and securely incorporated into OEM applications that contain corrosive materials or harsh cleaning chemicals. 

Standard ranges for pressure are from 0psi to 15psi up to 0psi to 300psi in gage reference format as well as from 0bar to 7bar up to 0bar to 28bar in absolute reference.  

The sensor features a pressure non-linearity of ±0.3%Span with an overload pressure of 2X rated (up to 500psi) and a burst pressure of 3X rated (up to 600psi).

The unit’s wide compensated temperature range spans from -20°C to +85°C, and has a typical zero pressure output of 100 mV.

Silicon oil provides a stable, reliable transfer of pressure from the sensing package diaphragm to the sensing element itself. 

A ceramic substrate with laser-trimmed resistors is attached to the package to provide temperature compensation as well as offset correction.  An additional resistor is used to adjust an external differential amplifier and provide span interchangeability to within ±1% for exceptional measurement accuracy.

Technical Specifications include: 

* Media isolated, piezoresistive 19 mm silicon pressure sensor;

* Rugged construction: 316L SS or titanium housing;

* Low cost, headerless design with secure O-ring mounting;

* Wide compensated temperature range: -20°C to +85°C;

* Pressure ranges: up to 0 psi to 300 psi (gauge); up to 0 bar to 28 bar (absolute).