Rubber liners make an impact

Paul Boughton

Cronan Connell looks at how energy absorbing rubber liners reduce metal fatigue and stress fracture

Valley Rubber’s Haul Truck Liners reduce maintenance and provide increased equipment availability.

The exceptionally strong rubber liner system virtually eliminates costly continual box maintenance and helps prevent excess wear to critical components.

When properly designed for the application, the rubber liner system is superior to conventional steel liners. Energy absorbing rubber liners reduce metal fatigue and stress fractures to the box.

In addition, driver safety and comfort is enhanced, both from reduced shock, as well as substantially reducing noise. The fast and easy-to-install liner system is cost effective and essentially maintenance free compared to steel liners. The Valley Rubber technology is used in a variety of trucks on an international basis from 50 ton up to 420 ton trucks.

Benefits include:

* Abrasion resistance;

* Greater equipment availability; 

* Eliminate box maintenance; 

* Lower cost-per-ton;

* Fast and easy installation; 

* Noise reduction;

* Increased driver comfort. 

Cronan Connell  is president Valley Rubber, LLC is based in Falkville, AL, USA.

Video: Valley Rubber can line heated and non-heated beds, offering extreme abrasion resistance and reducing metal fatigue and stress fractures, while increasing driver comfort and reducing noise. The liner system is maintenance free compared with steel liners, increasing equipment availability

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