RTU awarded self-certified status

Jon Lawson

Metasphere’s Point Orange Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) has recently been awarded self-certified status as a WITS-DNP3 Field Device. With an increased reliance on telemetry to provide data for effective asset management, it is becoming more important that common standards exist to ensure that data collection devices and systems are as interoperable but also as secure as possible.

The WITS Protocol Standards Association Committee (PSAC) has ownership of the WITS protocol and is responsible for ensuring that the long term maintenance of the standard is secure and does not become fragmented. It publishes a formal Test Specification for Field Devices against which Metasphere has measured the functionality of Point Orange and the unit has successfully passed. Prospective users can use this self-certification as evidence that the RTU will perform as described and that this has been checked by the WITS PSAC. 

The device profile for Point Orange enables users to make an informed choice as to whether this device or another might be the most appropriate for their needs; it is freely available here.  The capabilities of each device type are listed and these can be matched against the requirements in any given project to ensure suitability. 

This is now the second of Metasphere’s Remote Telemetry Units to be a WITS self-certified Field Device, the other being the MM-IM outstation.

Point Orange is a simple, all-in-one, low cost logger for data collection and monitoring, it is capable of providing a vast array of information across numerous parameters back to the user; utilising WITS-DNP3, DNP3, Medina or FTP servers. Alternatively data can be stored and displayed using Metasphere’s Bureau Service Palette. It offers flexibility, programmability and versatility for use in remote locations.