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Experts in piping who serve mining and water industries worldwide.

Carl Hamm’s ZSM is the perfect transport system for contaminated Water pumping as well as an innovative way of supplying essential services to underground mines. The perfect couple!

Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps and Solutions - We are experts in piping who serve mining and water industries worldwide. Our products and services deliver above and below the ground applications in fluid management also for tunnel-construction, well-sinking, and domestic installations. Combining 90 years of experience with modern production equipment, we continue to manufacture innovative solutions for critical on-site operations. At Carl Hamm we are non-negotiable about competent and committed personnel, and we are proud to be the preferred piping partner for leading industries worldwide.

The design and advantages of the ZSM-Coupling, which in English simply translates to “as quickly as possible” is a product that shows the core benefit of an innovative pipe-system, which is far quicker to install and maintain than any alternate pipe connection.

ZSM is an axial, non-positive and detachable tight sleeve pipe connection which is ideally suited to hanging pipe/pumping vertical shaft media applications diversifying from liquids to emulsions to powder and fuel and also compressed air. The patent-protected tight sleeve connection is, a “unique” alternative to other conventional connection systems due to its quick and easy assembly/disassembly, space-saving design. The ZSM-Design is available from 2” to 56” and can be installed in from surface over 5,000 ft.

Basically, the combination of a male-part, female-part, O-rings and shearing-elements enable pipes to be joined quickly, securely and are also electrically safe.
The ZSM-Connection excels owing to its cost effectiveness, especially when used with high-performance submersible pumps where time-saving assembly and disassembly deliver major impacts on heavy-duty pumping requirements. The uncomplicated assembly and disassembly of the pipe section guarantees shorter handling-times (up to 4-times quicker) when changing a pump which in an AMD application is critical. This is highly relevant to the environment when AMD generated from underground workings requires intensive pipe and pumping activity to keep pits dry or to prevent millions of litres of water from decanting to surface every day (as it is happening in abandoned mines around the globe).

“The Carl Hamm ZSM-System is the ideal solution for mines to dewater and supply underground services such as batch feeding concrete, compressed air, dry cement, diesel or whatever is needed to be brought into mine at the levels. It has been proven its effectiveness in coping with the massive volumes of toxic water being pumped to surface in South Africa. Millions of Gallons have to be dewatered in the German abandoned coal mines to ensure contaminated water remains below the environmental critical level.

Also the company’s well known, tried and tested HD-System is very famous in the European mining sector. This system can be used for an entire emulsion circuit – as a supply line from the pump station to the shields and as a return line from the shields back to it.

All Carl-Hamm-Pipe-Systems are perfectly matched to each other and to the customers’ requirements.



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