Robust electric heater tarp for large areas

Jon Lawson

Keeping large areas, tanks or containers at temperature has been a big problem both for the chemical production and in logistics chains.

Known examples of this are complete 20 or 40ft containers whose contents have to be stored frost-free over the entire surface area.

The same also applies for IBC tanks and DIN drums that must be kept at temperature as long they remain in intermediate storage until ready for the next production step.

These tarps from Hillesheim are particularly suitable for frost protection and for heat retention in pre-warmed materials in a range of up to +60°C.

Both the inside and the outside covers of the heater tarp are made of tear-proof, washable, polyester fabric.

Another big advantage of these heater tarps is that they can be applied and removed rather quickly by untrained personnel.

The shape of the tarp can be adapted and fabricated per customer specification to fit on any surface or container.

Openings in the tarp for drain cocks or filler necks, for example, can also be accommodated.

These tarps meet IP65 protection requirements. For power up to 500W per square metre, the main connection can be made with a normal 230V or 400V outlet plug.

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