On the road with rental expert

Paul Boughton

Electro Rent Europe, a subsidiary of Electro Rent, one of the world’s largest providers of rental test equipment to numerous end-markets, has once again demonstrated its commitment to serving its European customer base by taking exhibition space for the third year running at two of the industry’s leading exhibitions: European Microwave Week 2015 (Paris, France, September 6 to 11) and ECOC 2015 (Feria Valencia, Spain, September 28 to 30).  

“We feel it’s important to continue to support and invest in events that are crucial to our industry, such as European Microwave Week (EuMW) and ECOC,” said Gert Vluymans from Electro Rent Europe. “By exhibiting at these events, our current and future customers can learn first-hand about our flexible acquisition services that enable companies of any size to access the latest Test & Measurement instruments and maximise their limited or decreasing budget.” 

Attendees to EuMW 2015 will be able to meet with Electro Rent Europe’s staff at Stand C306, and challenge them to find the right acquisition solution for their needs. The event, which spans six days and includes three major conferences, attracts worldwide expertise in microwave, RF, wireless and RADAR technologies. Electro Rent Europe will once again be representing the leaders in Test & Measurement solutions for the microwave industry and offering invaluable advice about how to meet the increasing financial challenges the industry faces, at a time when microwave technologies are seeing unprecedented growth.

“The use of wireless technologies in everything from Industry 4.0 to the Internet of Things is putting pressure not only on design teams but OEMs to meet time-to-market and BoM cost pressures,” commented David Saeys, MD of Electro Rent Europe. “The solutions are out there, but finding them and accessing them isn’t always a simple task. Our expertise in leasing and renting T&M equipment to meet OEMs’ specific and often unique requirements will be on hand to attendees throughout the exhibition.” 

In many ways, ECOC is complementary to EuMW, being the most established annual show serving the fibre optic communication technology industry. Because of that, Electro Rent Europe sees it as another crucial event and has once again recommitted to joining the hundreds of exhibitors at this year’s event. 

“ECOC represents a massive opportunity for us to reach out to the fibre optic industry,” explained Saeys. “As an organisation that brings suppliers and manufacturers together, we see our role here as a facilitator in a specialist industry, where typical requirements can be more exacting than in any other industry.”