Rewireable IEC connectors for cable mounting

Online Editor
The new 4782 connector from Schurter

Schurter is expanding its portfolio of rewireable IEC connectors for 10 A with further colour variants of the types 4781 (C15, 120 °C) and 4782 (C13, 70 °C). For easier differentiation in multi-phase applications, the connectors are now offered in white and grey in addition to the existing black.    

Rewireable connectors for cable mounting are particularly suitable for small batches. With these connectors you are free to choose the cable length and country-specific plugs.

A cable protection with a diameter of 8.5 mm or 10 mm is pre-assembled at the factory. The screw terminals accept cables with cross-sections between a minimum of 3 x 0.75 mm²/18 AWG (0.82 mm²) and a maximum of 3 x 1.5 mm²/14 AWG (2.08mm²).

Halogen-free design

The types 4781 and 4782 from Schurter do not not use halogens, not in the cable guard and neither on any other plastic components.

The new appliance inlets have all approvals for the European, Chinese, North American and new Japanese markets. In addition, they are already certified according to the new UL 60320 standard.