Reverse buckling bursting disc for accurate pressure relief

Paul Boughton

For the protection of pressurised systems, BS&B Safety Systems Ltd introduces the UBR Reverse Buckling Bursting Disk, available CE marked.

The UBR Bursting Disk combines resistance to vacuum with the ability to operate up to 95 per cent of its minimum burst pressure . With a ±3 per cent burst tolerance, the UBR disk set pressure tolerance matches that of most safety relief valves making the UBR the best choice for valve isolation. Savings are realised through the UBR’s ability to protect a safety relief valve from the attack of plant operating conditions, reducing maintenance expenses as well as maximising leak tightness. 

Optimized flow is realised through the design of the UBR disk to provide the largest free open area that does not obstruct flow through the bursting disk device upon activation. The UBR disk is the first choice for ensuring that the pressure drop at the inlet of a safety relief valve is below the required value of 3 per cent. The UBR disk’s circular opening pattern ensures activation without fragmentation.

Other benefits include the pre-torqued SRB-7RS Safety Head that allows the UBR disk to be completely sealed without influence of the piping system bolting arrangement. The UBR disk may also be installed in the SR-7R safety head that is designed to accept BS&B’s Rupture Disk Manager predictive maintenance system. 

The UBR bursting disk maximises SAF (Structural Apex Forming) Technology, only available from BS&B, that allows the disk to achieve a wide-range of burst pressures with greater accuracy. SAF Technology provides a damage safety ratio of less than or equal to 1, ensuring that an inadvertently damaged disk will rupture at or below its marked burst pressure.

The UBR bursting disk is available in sizes from 25mm to 200mm & in Hastelloy, Stainless Steel, Inconel, Monel and Nickel materials.  Each disk is shipped with certification validating its performance.
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