Reshaping instrumentation with software-based, all-in-one device

Paul Boughton

NI’s VirtualBench, an all-in-one instrument that integrates a mixed-signal oscilloscope, function generator, digital multimeter, programmable DC power supply and digital I/O. Users interact with VirtualBench through software applications that run on PCs or iPads. The device provides the most common functionality affordably and opens up new possibilities for how engineers can use benchtop instruments.

Because VirtualBench uses today’s consumer computing platforms, engineers and scientists can take advantage of the latest technologies like multitouch displays, multicore processors, wireless connectivity and intuitive interfaces. The simplification and increased capability through software leads to more efficient circuit debugging and validation.

Benefits include: 

* Takes up minimal space on a desktop or benchtop;

Simplifies instrument configuration through consistent, user-friendly interfaces;

Offers new capability and convenience with a consolidated view of multiple instruments, visualization on larger displays and quick functionality to save data and screenshots;

 Integrates seamlessly with LabVIEW system design software.