Relieving the pressure of fleet management

Louise Smyth

Tyre pressure monitoring specialist, TyrePal’s latest fleet monitoring products are an in-cab tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and the TeleTPMS.

TeleTPMS is a remote tyre pressure monitoring system for commercial fleet vehicles. TeleTPMS allows drivers and fleet managers to monitor tyre pressure and receive alarms by e-mail or SMS when tyres are over or under inflated, overinflated and overheating while also providing live updates on the location of all monitored vehicles.

“Studies show that 10% under-inflation in tyres increases rolling resistance by 5%, which results in a one per cent increase in fuel consumption,” explains John Pye, consultant at TyrePal. “By maintaining the correct tyre pressure, fleet managers can significantly reduce fuel use and costs, especially when it comes to long haul fleet journeys.

“Breakdowns, blowouts and tyre fires are other unwanted and dangerous consequences of wrongly inflated tyres,” continues Pye. “Incorrect tyre pressure also causes premature tyre wear. Early warnings from TyrePal’s TeleTPMS can help avoid these risks, which brings additional cost savings and peace of mind to drivers and fleet managers alike.” 

TyrePal’s TeleTPMS comprises of a set of sensors, which can be fitted inside or outside the tyres, a dashboard-mounted module that displays the pressure of the vehicle’s tyres for the driver's benefit. The module also transmits location and tyre data via GPRS to a remote database. The user can access the live data stream using any internet connected device and a secure log in.

"TeleTPMS also come in handy for tyre service providers," highlights Peter Tillotson, business development manager. "For companies that usually charge per kilometre covered, rather than by unit, the good health of their tyres is extremely important. Using TeleTPMS helps tyre service providers offer the highest level of safety for their customers, while also ensuring the tyres they supply will be operational for as long as possible."

TyrePal will also be exhibiting its in-cab TPMS, which gives continuous feedback to the driver and an immediate clear alert in the event of a problem.

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