Redesign for vacuum belt filters

Paul Boughton

Larox is introducing a redesigned range of standardized Pannevis RT Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters, at the Achema 2006 trade show in Frankfurt, Germany from 15th - 19th May 2006. This new range of Pannevis RT belt filters will provide many advantages to the customer compared to the current RT range.

The Pannevis RT vacuum belt filter was introduced to the marketplace in 1967 as the very first tray-type horizontal vacuum belt filter. Pannevis subsequently was also the first to introduce the Fume Tight, Gas Tight and Pressure Tight vacuum belt filter designs as well as the Press Belt and Vacuum Press Belt, both of which further improved dewatering performance. The new standardised RT designs continue the Pannevis tradition of being at the forefront of technical and marketplace development with regard to belt filter technology.

The new standardised Pannevis RT filter range is based on two basic options:

* Conventional SS wetted-parts design.
* Corrosion resistant design.

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