Rechargeable micro batteries

Paul Boughton

VARTA Microbattery’s CoinPower Series of lithium-ion rechargeable micro batteries are optimised to promote manufacturing efficiencies and design flexibility in Bluetooth, portable and wearable technology applications.

The lightweight series' energy density is up to 30% higher than comparable products. The series is comprised of CP 1254 and CP 1654 parts, which feature a voltage level of 3.7V and capacities of 50mAh and 100mAh, respectively. The series additionally boasts low impedance, an extended shelf-life of more than one year, and fast charge capability.

Certified to IEC 62133/UL 1642 safety standards, VARTA's CoinPower Series of Li-ion rechargeable micro batteries is ideally suited for employment in medical, e-health, portable devices, energy harvesting, wireless sensor networks, automotive security and pharmaceutical applications.  They are frequently specified in Bluetooth chipsets, smartwatches, digital and analog watches, fitness devices, electronic games, car keys, MP3 players and insulin pumps.

Featuring superior drain capability (CP 1654 up to 500 mA continuous), CoinPower cells may be recharged over 500 full cycles, maintaining at least 90% of their initial capacity.

The CP 1254 cells weigh 1.6 g and measure 12.1 mm in diameter, while the CP 1654 cells weigh 3.2 g and have a diameter of a 16.1 mm. Both parts are 5.4 mm high.  The cells use the CC/CV (constant current-constant voltage) charging method and exhibit virtually no swelling due to their scratch-resistant stainless steel enclosure.