Ready-to-use housing requires no wiring

Jon Lawson

Rafi's E-Box, a particularly slim housing for one or two Rafix 22 FS+ control devices, is now also available as a pre-configured unit with an M12 connector. No wiring is required for this ready-to-use solution that provides emergency stop buttons or simple on/off switching functions at remote locations. E-Box is a very compact size of 109 x 40 x 27mm and is suitable for mounting on 40 mm profile rails or, for instance, on protective barriers. A single screw fixes the mounting clip in the profile rail groove. Users can then simply attach the housing – it clicks and sticks.

It is available as a 4-pole or 8-pole version with illuminated pushbuttons. The pre-configured range currently comprises models with an emergency stop or a pushbutton, or both, or with two pushbuttons. The housing tops for the emergency-stop versions are coloured signal yellow, the pushbutton ones are grey. Different pushbutton designs are available for various uses: on/off switches with red and green blinds (optionally flat or raised), grey pushbuttons with arrows for lifting and lowering movements. Users can individually mark the button of the single-pushbutton E-BOX model with Raif's Flexlab labelling system. The housings feature IP65 ingress protection and a -25°C to +70°C ambient temperature range.