Rare earth metal foils

Paul Boughton

A wide range of rare earth metal foils is available from Goodfellow, a supplier of high-purity metals and materials for research and industry. The foils represent 14 of the 15 metals in the lanthanide series (only promethium is unavailable), plus scandium and yttrium. Ranging in thickness from 0.005mm to 2.0mm, all of the foils have a purity greater than or equal to 99%.

Applications for rare earth metal foils include their use in aerospace technology, electronics, electromagnetic shielding, x-ray technology, and in other scientific and industrial fields.

Rare earth metals are among more than 50 pure metals and approximately 100 alloys represented in the company’s full line of foils. Some of the foils – rolled or deposited in Goodfellow’s own production department – are not available from any other supplier. Custom fabrication and finishing are also often available to meet customers’ precise specifications.

In addition to foils, Goodfellow can supply small quantities of other forms of rare earth metals, including wire, powder, lump, rod, and sputtering target.