Rapid installation of Cameroon gas power plants

Paul Boughton

Altaaqa Global has completed the installation of temporary gas power plants in Cameroon in just 21 days. Featuring a combined capacity of 50MW, the plants provide the country with a new reliable and sustainable source of power.

The temporary natural gas power plants were recently inaugurated at the Logbaba power plant site in Douala. The ceremony was attended by Dr Atangana Kouna Basile, minister of Water Resources and Energy of Cameroon; members of the government; and senior executives from Eneo Cameroon, the country’s integrated utility company, and Gaz du Cameroun (GDC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG). The rental gas power plants were installed and commissioned within 21 days from the time the equipment arrived at the intended power plant sites.

The successful completion of the temporary gas power plants stands as a testament to the viability of a business model featuring a synergy among the government, the utility company, the fuel supplier and the equipment provider. In this particular project, with the Cameroonian government and Eneo as clients, Altaaqa Global provided the power generation equipment, and took the responsibility of importing and installing the generators at the Logbaba and Ndokoti (Bassa) sites, while GDC supplied the gas to the rental gas power stations at both the sites.

In addition to the collaborative business model that led to its successful completion, the project also boasts of its environmental stewardship, with the power plants being run on natural gas.

Altaaqa Global installed state-of-the-art gas engine generators at both sites to ensure that the power plants are not only dependable but also environmentally friendly. In recognition of the worldwide emission requirements, which mandate the level of NOx emissions of equipment and industrial operations, Altaaqa Global engineered its gas generators to only emit 250 mg/Nm3 even without after-treatment.

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