Quick and easy to install alternative to steel bearings

Paul Boughton

Steel linkages usually consist of many separate components and are extremely time consuming to assemble. However, the igus plastic double joint bearing is manufactured as just one part and can be assembled in virtually no time at all.

In addition, the bearing is up to 80% lighter than steel alternatives. This is especially valuable to the automotive and bicycle industry, enabling users to save costs associated with reduced energy required to operate lightweight bearings.

igubal linkage bearings are available in 15 tribological materials that are manufactured from specially formulated plastics. The properties of these high technology plastic materials ensure that any specific application requirements are met: from withstanding high temperatures, high loads or tough environments, the material capabilities are endless in comparison to steel.

In addition to this, igubal plastic double joint links are extremely cost effective, have excellent vibration dampening properties, low coefficients of friction, and are corrosion and chemical resistant. Furthermore, igus linkage bearings are reliable, having been tested for millions of cycles in the laboratory and real life applications.


igus igubal linkage bearings save time