Push and pull force monitoring unit

Jon Lawson

The push and pull force monitoring unit from Tsubaki Kabelschlepp carries out constant measurements on the drive end connection. This can prevent damage to the overall system and the ensuing costly unexpected downtimes if the cable carrier is blocked by external influence, such as dirt and swarf. The system is designed for all industrial areas, but it is particularly suitable for cranes and long travel applications.

Measuring push-/pull-forces prevents complete breakdowns in case of incidents. The force limitations of the system (lower limit, upper limit) can be programmed freely; there is no travel speed limit. The output signal can be used as a PLC input signal, allowing an emergency stop, a slow down or an acoustic signal to be triggered when the programmed force limits are exceeded. The system is maintenance-free (no battery change) and complies with protection class IP67. The heavy duty version of the system box is resistant to sea water and therefore suitable for use in seaports.

The push-/pull-force monitoring unit is optionally available with a data memory allowing users to additionally save and evaluate the development of the forces. The control box is integrated directly into the drive section of the system, ensuring short cable lengths. It is particularly suitable for cranes, e.g. in container ports, cement works, steelworks, foundries or waste incineration plants, but also for handling bulk materials such as coal, ore or spoils.

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