Pumps expert enters the peristaltic market

Online Editor

Netzsch Pumps & Systems has expanded its positive displacement pump offering with the Peripro peristaltic pump. The new pump delivers large flow rates at a wide range of pressures. This means that the system provider for positive displacement pumps is now establishing itself as a specialist for pumping complex and difficult media.

The Peripro expands the Netzsch pump portfolio with its characteristics as particularly robust and powerful pump that can easily handle viscous and abrasive media even at high pressures. These pumps have a long operating life, are easy to use, and enable 30% energy savings as compared to other hose pumps due to their inventive design.

These peristaltic pumps have very few wear parts. There are no valves or mechanical seals; the only wear part is the hose, characterised by remarkable durability due to an innovative manufacturing process. In addition, the pumps are insensitive to dry running, require 90% less lubricant than other peristaltic pumps and enable an extremely high metering accuracy. Depending on the field of application, the Peripro is offered in different versions to optimally cover the needs of customers.

Mining processes are optimised by Peripro peristaltic pumps. Their robustness and abrasion resistance allow them to pump media with high solids concentrations. The hoses contribute to this resistance with strong textile reinforcement layers and an inner extruded layer. In this way, maintenance costs are optimised, and production downtime is reduced. Low shear pumping and precise dosing control ensure maximum efficiency in polymer dosing.

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