Pumps for demanding applications

Paul Boughton

Sulzer Pumps has launched the most versatile AHLSTAR end suction single stage close coupled process pump series.

Based on the design features of the AHLSTAR range, this new pump series was developed for demanding pumping applications in oil and gas, hydrocarbon processing, chemical, pulp and paper, general industry, power generation and water and wastewater.

It uses mainly the same spare parts as AHLSTAR long coupled pump which helps minimizing the spare part inventory costs.

The AHLSTAR close coupled process pumps are designed to pump a wide range of liquids, including clean and slightly contaminated liquids, viscous liquids, fibrous slurries, non-fibrous slurries and liquids containing large solids. Even the liquids with high gas content up to 70 per cent can be handled.

The pump is equipped with a versatile selection of Sulzer EnerSave reliable and highly efficient impellers according to types of pumped liquid and applications.

Designed with a patented Rotokey impeller mounting and an externally adjustable side plate fixing, it enables easy and quick assembly and dismantling. Patented balancing holes in the impeller guarantee the right flow and pressure condition in the whole shaft seal area.

Proven Sulzer WaterLess shaft seal options with dynamic seals provide easy assembly and maintenance while reducing life cycle cost by minimizing energy consumption and operation, maintenance, and downtime costs.

The close coupled design with standard flange or flange/feet type electric motors makes installation quick and easy, thus reducing the total installation cost.

The compact space saving closed coupled pump design minimizes shaft deflection, hence extending shaft seal lifetime while reducing unexpected shutdowns and overall maintenance costs.

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