Pumping up the volume with new audio transistor output amplifier

Paul Boughton

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched a new, smaller bipolar transistor for use in the output Tr stage of high definition audio systems.

The new 2SA1943N and 2SC5200N provide the same high quality sound output as the now-famous 2SA1943 and 2SC5200 but in a TO-3P(N) package and just three quarters of the width and length to reduce space consumption compared to the previous TO-3P(L) package. This provides product designers with greater flexibility, whilst maintaining package power (Pc) at 150W.

The 2SA1943N transistor has a maximum collector-emitter voltage rating of (VCEO) of -230V and continuous collector current rating (IC) of -15A, while the 2SC5200N has a maximum VCEO of 230V and an IC of 15A.

The 2SA1943N transistor enables a minimum DC Current Gain, hFE (1) of 80 (VCE = -5V and IC = -1A) and hFE (2) of 35 (VCE = -5V and IC = -7A), while the 2SC5200N hFE (1) of 80 (VCE = 5V and IC = 1A) and hFE (2) of 35 (VCE = 5V and IC = 7A). Another advantage is the high linearity of hFE and also VBE. Both devices achieve a typical transition frequency (ft) of 30MHz.

The new devices are housed in a new TO-3P(N) package that measures just 15.9mm by 40. mm by 4.8mm.