Protective workwear from top to bottom

Paul Boughton

Paul Grégoire looks at how protective clothing protects workers under severe conditions.

As international industry safety regulations and requirements become more stringent worldwide, one industry player serving the oil and gas industry offers a solution for oil and gas professionals to make sure everybody is covered.

Mammoet, the heavy lifting and transport specialist, not only provides its own professionals with the safest workwear in the industry, it also offers its full line of workwear to customers and suppliers alike.

Safety always comes first. Onsite everyone needs to comply with safety regulations, including customers and their suppliers. To save customers time by preventing incidents, Mammoet realised having the entire operation in protective workwear, no matter who they are, helped ensure everyone is safe and the project is on schedule.

Mammoet protects lives most importantly and our customers' investment as a secondary advantage. It can supply individuals as well as the entire crew at a site to prevent injury and stay on schedule.

Launched in 2007, Mammoet's full line of workwear complies with the following industry standards:

- Fire resistant (EN ISO 11612);

- Anti-static (EN 1149-5);

- Protective clothing for welding (EN ISO 11611 - Class 1 or 2);

- Protective clothing against liquid chemicals (EN 13034 type 6);

- High visibility (EN 471);

- Protects against rain/cold (EN 343);

- Electric arc (IEC/EN 61482-2).

Workwear can be custom-made for every project to comply with international standards. Various safety-compliant fabrics can be used to meet individual weight requirements. All workwear has been extensively developed and field tested with Mammoet professionals under the most extreme conditions.

Mammoet Workwear continually anticipates and monitors industry and regulatory trends to offer the safest workwear based on proven cutting-edge technology.

Mammoet helps clients improve construction efficiency and optimise the uptime of plants and installations.

For that purpose, we provide solutions for lifting, transporting, installing and decommissioning large and heavy structures.

Its services are focused on the petrochemical and mining industries, civil engineering, power generation and offshore projects. The logistic challenges in these industries are growing daily. Factors such as remote locations, harsh climates and a strong emphasis on the environment are constantly driving us towards smarter and safer solutions.

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Paul Grégoire is with Mammoet Merchandise BV, Schiedam, The Netherlands.

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