Protecting utility vaults from lightning strikes

Paul Boughton

More than 1,800 thunderstorms occur throughout the world at any given time. A lightning strike can quickly destroy power equipment and why regulations require these electrical systems be bonded and grounded.

The traditional utility power grounding solution uses cooper busbar and grounding straps. However, because of the high price of copper today (and easy access to the material itself), busbar is major target for thieves.  Once the cooper is removed the shelter grounding is comprised and unprotected.

Fortunately, there is a new alternative bounding and grounding solution that was designed to replace the current cooper busbar and ground straps solution.

Roxtec recently announced the availability of a system: Roxtec BG (Bonding & Grounding). The Roxtec BG product family is a one-of-a-kind cable entry system designed to seal large quantities of metal clad or armored cables using minimal space. When used in building structures, cabinets and enclosures BG is proven to eliminate costs by significantly reducing design and installation time - while also providing optimum electrical safety and protection to people and equipment. The BG cable entry system provides additional protection against weather, blast, rodents and fire.

Roxtec’s BG solutions also provide added flexibility in design while improving timing of project and equipment delivery. Adaptability to cables of different sizes allows users to specify and design cable entries before final cable schedules are complete. If the cable schedule changes in the field, the installer simply adjusts the modules for a perfect fit.

For wall and floor cable penetrations, the new BG system is fire rated and gas-and-watertight. BG is the only multi-cable transit system certified to meet all major electrical schemes with bonding and grounding for low to high voltage applications. It is also certified for hazardous locations (Ex) and suitable for lightning protection as well as for both land-based (UL 1479) and marine applications (A and H class divisions).

Roxtec BG solutions enable simple installation for floor or wall entries into fixed or pre-fabricated buildings. Only a single cut-out is required for a BG frame, allowing complete cable load installation with each cable secured and grounded to electrical standards. Maintenance teams can add or remove cables with ease, without any additional components.

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