Protect automation software assets

Paul Boughton

The latest release of Autosave change management software, from MDT Software, is now available from M.A.C. Solutions. Autosave Version 6 represents an  expansion in the functionality of the software, which now has the ability to manage changes to devices that are non-networked, even in remote areas.

Autosave protects, saves, restores, discovers and tracks changes in industrial programmable devices. By using AutoSave to manage program changes, automation users can protect their automation software assets across the enterprise. This reduces risk, regardless of the environment and device type, enabling rapid recovery from hardware failures, manual errors, sabotage and other unforeseen hazards. Security threats such as virus attacks on devices are becoming more prominent. It is therefore critical that change management software can aid the rapid recovery of programmable devices, allowing production to continue unhindered.

Autosave Version 6 includes a new AutoSave client interface that extends this protection to non-networked devices by enabling users to make changes to programs in the field, then analyse and synchronise all changes to the server upon return to the office. Other benefits of the software include:

* Provide version control for devices programs in remote areas;

* Track changes in non-networked devices in the plant;

* Enable systems integrators, machine builders and offsite development teams to work on programs without providing direct access to the device;

* View a history of changes performed on each device; 

* Compare the program running in the device to the program on the engineer’s laptop;

* Copy programmes to create new ones in the field.