Process-reliable series assembly of cutting rings

Paul Boughton

Leakages in hydraulic systems are frequently based on incorrect installations. This situation is remedied by the new pre-assembly unit of VOSS Fluid Type 90 Comfort. It offers maximum process reliability during series assembly of cutting rings of steel and stainless steel pipes. The extra quality results from the automatic pre-setting of the required assembly parameters. As a result users achieve low cycle times with maximum leakage protection – even if operating personnel is frequently changing.

VOSS Fluid relies on the most advanced technology for effective fault prevention in series production cutting ring pre-assembly: the new pre-assembly unit Type 90 Comfort operates with fault detection and automatic pressure setting. In this way missing or incorrectly inserted cutting rings will be identified even before assembly and the risks of any over- or under-assembly will be significantly reduced. The application on pipes with an external diameter of six to 42 mm is effected simply and efficiently: the operator tools up the pre-assembly unit with suitable wear resistant VOSS tools in accordance with the pipe to be processed. The necessary individually adaptable assembly parameters will then be set fully automatically by the Type 90 Comfort. Subsequently the process-reliable pre-assembly will start directly. Whilst the operator implements with ease a precise and always reproducible result, advanced and sophisticated technology is active in the background.

Specifically, this technology is the Auto-ID-Technology which is used for the automatic identification of objects. The pre-assembly unit thus has an RFID reader unit, all tools are equipped with an RFID chip. As soon as Type 90 Comfort unit is re-tooled, it will read the data from the relevant chip and quickly and fully automatically sets the required operating pressure. In this way cycle times of 1.8 to 2.3 seconds are possible. As a result users ensure fast and precise processes even in the case of high fluctuations in personnel.

An additional advantage is offered by the well thought-out design of this new development: special features permit the non-problematic processing of a wide range of different pipe geometries. Even tight 180° bends and particularly bulky pipe runs can be pre-assembled in this way in a high quality fashion. If required, following a machine conversion by VOSS, the new pre-assembly unit can also be used for the pre-assembly of BV-10 flared cones and ZAKO collar rings.

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