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Paul Boughton

Engineering Plastics Limited (EPL) specialises in the design and manufacture of high-performance plastic products and components. The company works with designers and engineers in creating engineering solutions for customer problems and bespoke projects, from consultation stage through to the finished product.

Sectors it is particularly active in include: engineering machine building; process plants; mining; marine; and oil and renewable energy.

One recent project that EPL worked on enabled its customer, a cement works, to save on the costs associated with downtime and installation, as well as providing a longer wear life. Previously the cement works was relying on an old metal hanger bearing system used in screwed conveyors. EPL’s work involved problem assessment and re-design, using a new high-performance plastic hanger bearing, which now lasts 12-14 months – providing 100% savings and a vast improvement on the old method.

EPL also specialises in oil filled/impregnated nylon (OFN) hanger bearings that are used in screwed conveyors in various industry sectors. It is also known for its bearings, sprockets, wearguides and various similar products for different sectors, which are used to solve specific customer problems.

EPL offers a variety of services too, including replacement of imported parts, replacement of steel parts and consultation on behalf of other prestigious international companies.

It works with its raw material partners in supplying a wide range of different materials – polyurethane, polyethylene, nylons, PTFE, silicons, etc – in all their various grades.

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Engineering Plasics Ltd is based in Cookstown, Northern Ireland, UK.  

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