Press-Fit variants added to power module family

Paul Boughton

Semikron has added press-fit versions to its Semitop family of power modules. This alternative technique ensures easy and fast mounting of the module and PCB in one step, reducing assembly time and cost by eliminating the solder process. The 100% pin-out compatibility with the soldered version provides a user-friendly press-fit interface and the new modules are characterised by the same electrical and thermal performance as the existing solder version, making the switch to press-fit mounting technology easy.

Press-fit is an isolated power module based on baseplate-free technology with only one mounting screw for heat sink fixing. The pressure technology concept and the single mounting screw guarantee a low thermal resistance and reduced mechanical stress for high reliability. The one-screw mounting approach offers the easiest mounting concept for a fast, reliable and low-cost assembly. Competing modules may require two or even more mounting screws. The product reliability is tested and confirmed by Semikron’s extended qualification programme, consisting of as many as 17 different qualification and reliability tests. Some of these exceed industrial standards, with a duration of more than 2500h.

A large variety of configurations with different chip technologies is available in Semitop4 (60x55mm), Semitop3 (55x31mm), and Semitop2 (40.5x28mm) press-fit cases. New high-performance configurations such as 3-level inverter (NPC) and mixed 3-level inverter (TNPC), double boost and interleaved boost applications are available, as well as standard and established configurations, including 3-phase inverter, converter-inverter-brake solutions, MOSFET configurations and 3-phase bridge rectifiers.

With a height of only 12mm, Semitop is one of the most compact isolated power modules on the market for the low and medium output power range from a few kW up to 60kW. Supported by its flat and compact module design, Semitop is characterised by a low module inductance. The excellent pin-out flexibility offers additional degrees of freedom for performance-optimised PCB layouts. A high level integration, in combination with the availability of the latest silicon and silicon carbide chip technology, make the  product family suitable for competitive, innovative and future-proof designs in markets such as UPS, solar, motor drives and welding.