Precision involute spline shafts and bearing shafts

Paul Boughton

Ondrives Ltd has recently launched a range of precision involute spline shafts and bearing shafts into their most recent gear products catalogue for 2012. These parts are made in-house by Ondrives at their state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing facility in the heart of the UK.  
This means Ondrives have a lot of control over the quality of the products produced, due to heavy investment in the latest CNC technology and machinery. This all goes hand in hand with four dedicated CAD seats producing drawings to the highest standards using the Kissoft range of gear software to calculate the programmes. Spline bushes are also included within the range to suit the spline shafts as well as spline shaft clamps.[Page Break]

The main benefit of using Ondrives’ spline shafts and associated parts within a customer’s application is as connecting elements for drive systems but at a high level where precision is key, states Managing Director Andy Higgs.  They are produced and made to DIN5480 W 8f slide fit in both steel and stainless, for those applications that require it, continues Chairman Ben Hinchliffe.
Sizes start at 1.25 Module, going to 2.00 as standard but other modules as well as numbers of teeth, tolerances and materials are all available on request.  Specials and modifications are easily catered for as this is one of the main parts of Ondrives’ business in this highly competitive market and ever increasing enquiries and sales are proving Ondrives can hold their own.
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Ondrives Ltd is based in  Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK.

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