Precise image capture of fast moving objects

Paul Boughton

Scorpion Vision has added an advanced new line of strobe controllers from Smartek to its range of industrial imaging products.

These LED Strobe Controllers are able to capture high definition images of fast moving objects. They achieve this through ultra-short, bright LED flashes which are synchronised to the camera image capture with quick exposure times.

Thanks to the high-power and short-fast flashes, illumination intensity is significantly increased but also results in reduced thermal effects for the LEDs. This allows LED illumination devices to be safely exploited to perform well beyond their standard mode of operation.

Alongside these features the series also has a socket for Ethernet access to the controller settings which allows for the device to be controlled through a simple graphical interface which can be accessed through a standard internet browser. Alternatively, the controller settings can be accessed via a C++ based API with easy integration into any software application.

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