Positive displacement pumps

Paul Boughton

Every day mining companies need reliable pumps for a wide range of diverse and challenging applications

The extraction and processing of minerals takes place every day on every continent. Positive displacement pumps from Netzsch have been used for six decades to guarantee process reliability in the demanding field of mining. A great variety of media must be conveyed in mining, including wastewater, mineral slurries, suspensions, filtrates, tailing and explosives.

Since Nemo progressive cavity pumps (also known as eccentric screw pumps) are suited to the transport of abrasive and viscous substances, these challenging application present no problem.

With Nemo (Netzsch + MOno) progressing cavity pumps and Netzsch Tornado rotary lobe pumps, Netzsch offers an engineered solution for every application and ensures dependable, efficient operation.

Benefits include: reduced wear rates; ability to pump slurries even with high solids content; transport very abrasive, dense and viscous media; conveying of aggressive media; save time and money on maintenance.

Experience shows that both types of pumps can be successfully applied in difficult mining conditions, but we also believe that Nemo and Tornado pumps have their features and are not always replaceable.

Applications in mining met by Netzsch include: slurry transfer including coal water; thickener underflow; dewatering; explosive dosing; back-filling; gland seal water; yellow cake; leachates; chemical dosing of all types; wastewater treatment.

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