Portable power gets charged over charger

Paul Boughton

International battery manufacturer Accutronics has launched an innovative desktop charger for its credit card battery range. The new charger, called the CX6100, is the perfect accessory for charging Entellion CC2300 and CC3800 credit card batteries. 

The single bay desktop charger has a rapid charge capability and can be used around the world, thanks to its wall-mounted power supply, which is delivered complete with various interchangeable AC blades. Credit card batteries and chargers are pre-tooled and pre-qualified and therefore get OEMs’ devices to market faster.

Accutronics’ credit card battery range provides OEMs with a rechargeable range of off-the-shelf Lithium Ion professional batteries for portable and wearable electronic devices. 

The CX6100 charges a CC2300 battery in around 3.5 hours and a CC3800 battery in around 5.5 hours. LED indicators on the charger provide the charge status. Powered by an AC/DC power supply, it comes with adapters for use in the USA, Europe, UK, Australia and China.

“As with all our products, we’ve designed this charger specifically for OEMs,” explained Accutronics managing director Rob Phillips. “A good example of our understanding of an OEM’s needs is our ability to produce customised versions for customers with very little additional cost. Once the custom design is agreed we will not modify the fit, form or function of the battery or charger without our customer’s prior knowledge and express permission. This gives the OEM the confidence that it will always remain compliant with their device and prevents any regulatory compliance or quality issues.”