Plug-in EMC filter for mini drive

Louise Davis

WEG has launched an easy-to-install plug-in EMC filter to enable users to safely deploy the CFW100 Mini Drive in a wider range of simple engineering applications.

The CFW100 Mini Drive is the smallest variable speed drive (VSD) with an integrated micro PLC currently available on the market (covering the rated motor power 180-750W) and it can now be used with machines that are not necessarily equipped with a group EMC filter, including swimming pool pumps, lift doors and fitness equipment, as well as small fans, stirring and mixing machines and simple handling equipment.

WEG’s high performance EMC filter limits conducted interference (150 kHz–30 MHz) and radiated high-frequency interference (30 MHz–1GHz) that are generated by the switching processes of the CFW100.

The filters have been developed in line with the latest standards for adjustable speed electrical power drive systems (EN IEC 61800-3 - category C2) and industrial, scientific and medical equipment - radio-frequency disturbance characteristics (EN 55011:2009 or CISPER 11 A Group 1 A1). They provide a reliable solution, preventing adverse effects on other nearby electrical equipment so they can continue to operate efficiently.

The EMC filter is suitable for all CFW100 frame sizes and can be installed quickly and easily without wiring or tools and mounted on the top-hat rail.  As such, there is minimal downtime and no specialist personnel required for fitting the filter, saving users associated installation costs.

To increase ease-of-use even further, numerous plug-in extension modules are available for the Mini Drive, such as USB, Bluetooth and Modbus RTU communication interfaces, and modules for access to fieldbus systems, including Modus, DeviceNet and CANopen. Additional extension modules enable remote control.

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