Plug connector with PROFINET fast connection technology

Paul Boughton

Cable manufacturer HELUKABEL presents its new PROFINET plug connector, the HELUKAT RJ45 Cat5 IP20, which has built-in fast connection technology. The Fieldbus-compatible plug comes in a linear and angled design. It is therefore well-suited for industrial use in tight installation spaces.

HELUKAT has coloured contact elements which prevents the installer from committing connection errors. The clear labelling matches the wire sequence of the PROFINET standard whose four single wires can be quickly connected. The metal housing enables it to be used in industrial applications.

Transmission rates are up to 100MHz Cat 5. The shielded plug connector comes in a linear, 180° version and an angled, 90° version. Designed to protection grade IP 20, it can withstand operating temperatures of -4 F to 158˚F (-20˚C to +70˚C). The HELUKAT RJ45 Cat5 IP20 is compatible with AWG 22 and AWG 24 cables, and designed to be used with both bunched and solid wire conductor types.

The PROFINET plug connector can be easily and quickly installed without the need for tools. The single wires must be arranged in accordance with the color coding of the RJ45 plug and, in the folded-up guide element, inserted into the contact points up to the stop.

To achieve a full connection, the user presses the guide element downward to the stop, closes the housing cover, and fixes the front screw cap with a quarter rotation.

The development of a 145°-angled version as well as an 8-pin variant is currently in the planning process and will expand the product range once successfully completed.