Platular heat exchangers

Paul Boughton

Barriquand designs and manufactures wide gap welded plate heat exchangers (smart Hybrid HX).
Barriquand units are used as small or large process reactor condensers or process fluids heaters/coolers in various chemical processes (hydrogen peroxide, polymer, fertiliser, etc).
They can be wide gap, all welded plate-rack heat exchangers made of thick stainless steel sheets (1.5 or 2 mm) and are consequently robust, compact and extremely easy to clean (mechanically or chemically).
Ther proprietary design can accommodate the use of different utility streams into one single large multi-streams condenser or heater/cooler.
The main technical features are:
* Clear free flow channels with generous spacing when required.
*  Easy cleaning with access to heat transfer area through hinged access covers – no need to remove bulky connection pipes and nozzles.
* Large size available up to 1400 m² in one piece.
* Truly custom-built solution to ease integration in existing plants.
* Robust and maintenance free and long lasting equipment made from stainless steel.
Barriquand Techologies Thermiques is based in Soumagne, Belgium.