PiezoMotor AB

PiezoMotor is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of direct drive

PiezoMotor AB was founded to meet world need for a new micro-motor technology that would enable the continued development of ever smaller and more advanced products such as mobile phones, tablets and medical devices. This global demand for higher precision and greater miniaturization spans a broad array of industries.

Across the globe, the need for small, powerful motors continues to grow. Manufacturing industry’s demand for higher accuracy, for example, drives the need for greater miniaturization combined with higher precision. In the medical sector, analytical instruments and manipulators become more advanced and accurate. In the semiconductor industry, continuous efforts are made to develop higher precision instruments in order to scale down devices on silicon wafers. The development of nano-technology is further promoting to this development.

For many of these applications, conventional electrical motors do not meet the required performance criteria. But our small, strong Piezo Motors do. Precise down to the nanometer range, they have instant response and do not suffer the backlash problems associated with traditional electrical motors.

Yet despite their small format, our motors deliver enormous power. They are, in fact, capable of lifting 1,000-times their own weight. On top of that, their energy consumption and number of components are remarkably low.

In terms of market volumes,there is a large conversion potential from traditional electric motors to our high-tech piezo motors when miniaturization and precision are key demands. However, the greatest potential is in completely new areas where we can enable applications previously impossible to motorize.

We have established many OEM collaborations where our small, strong motors are adapted to customers’ specific application needs.

PiezoLEGS® motors work where traditional electrical motors will not fit or cannot deliver the required performance. One of the great advantages of our technology is that itis very easy to adapt to different demands and applications. We tailor-make motors to customer specifications with a design that is robust and resistant to wear-and-tear. High load capacity also makes our motors suited for extreme applications. Battery voltage is sufficient to drive them. In addition, they can be used in a vacuum.

The electronics required to drive and control Piezo LEGS® motors are no more complicated than those normally required for conventional brushless electric and stepping motors. Moreover, a conventional electric motor usually requires several assembled parts such as rotor, stator, ball bearings, linear screws, etc. to make it work. Thanks to our direct drive, the size of the motor is significantly reduced and precision is gained by eliminating bulky and lashing mechanical parts. Our motors also work without interfering with magnetic fields – critical in many advanced applications.

The simple yet very innovative designs of our motors make them easy to manufacture in large quantities with a high degree of precision. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process delivers high-performance motors in small packages at a competitive price.


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