Piezo amplifier for dynamic piezo actuator

Paul Boughton

The new E-836 piezo amplifier from PI (Physik Instrumente) is a solution for the dynamic operation of PICMA multilayer actuators.

Available as OEM module or bench-top device, this compact single-channel piezo driver can easily be implemented in custom applications. As OEM module, integrated in a metal shielded case, it is suitable for mounting on boards with soldering pins.

For operation, merely a voltage of 24V needs to be supplied. The piezo voltage and other supply voltages are generated internally.

The low-noise piezo amplifier can output peak currents of up to 100mA for an output voltage range of -30 to 130V.

As OEM module, the E-836 is perfectly suited for assembling multi-axis solutions. Furthermore, the piezo amplifier is short-circuit-proof and is equipped with full overcurrent and overtemperature protection.

For more information, www.physikinstrumente.com