PCB assembly range gets an update

Jon Lawson

Neoden USA has updated its PCB assembly range.

The IN6 reflow oven is a mid-volume machine that’s meant to completely eliminate some problems typical of a reflow oven, with the goal of a semi-portable machine that’s practically as easy as plugging in and pressing go. The oven is equipped with a fully functional solder smoke filtering system and requires no external venting system to deal with an exhaust, simplifying the process and allowing for a much wider range of placement for the machine instead of it being tied to wherever the closest vent may be. 

Couple that with the touch-screen controls and 16 programmable production profiles and you have a machine that’s safe to a standard far beyond what the electronics industry considers to be acceptable.
These added features provides uniform heating up to 300ºC/572ºF through its 680mm process chamber. Waiting at the end of the line are the offload zone cooling fans that allow for near immediate continuation of that component’s life cycle. 

Neoden IN6 comes with 6 heating zones, 3 on top and 3 below that will assure a uniform heating. 

Neoden 7 pick and place 

Neoden 7 is capable of placing up to 14,000 components per hour, has an integrated flying vision system, and also has six simultaneous pick-up heads. Users can add in up to 64 tape feeders for enhanced productivity. A smart feeder management system enables each component to be accurately placed and tracked. The machine supports a wide range of components including 0402, LED, BGA, 0.4mm pitch QFP and SMT Connectors. 

Each task can be programmed through the Windows-based interface.