The path to hazardous area safety

Paul Boughton

Whatever part of the safety chain you are in, SGS Baseefa has the ability to help you strengthen that chain. The organisation is best known as a major provider of both IECEx and ATEX product certification, but this is only the start of the process. It does not matter how well the equipment is made if it is wrongly selected, installed, inspected, maintained and repaired.

The two ATEX Directives may control the market in Europe, but the IECEx Certification System, with its three separate certification schemes, has secured recognition by The United Nations as “world’s best practice” to ensure safety around the globe.

The IECEx Scheme for Certification of Personnel Competence is growing exponentially and is providing independent evidence of the ability of individuals to work safely with Ex Equipment in Hazardous Areas. More and more employers are looking for this qualification amongst their own staff and amongst their contractors. SGS Baseefa has permanent examination centres in the UK and Singapore, and can also run examinations for some of the units of competence elsewhere in the world on an “as required” basis.

Currently the company has certificate holders from USA, via Europe, to Australia, and many places in between. Where an employer has agreed to make the certificate holder’s name publicly available, users can search its online database to find a qualified operative near them.

Remember; if the wrong people have been looking after your flameproof equipment, it may no longer be flameproof!