Partnership for cutting-edge supercar

Louise Smyth

Sprint Power, a new British technology company specialising in vehicle propulsion, has been chosen by Gordon Murray Automotive to develop and integrate the complete electrical systems for its highly anticipated T.50 supercar. The multi-million-pound technical partnership is a key development in the creation of what Murray says will be “the purest, lightest, most driver-focused supercar ever made.”

The brief is to create an electrical architecture that is as light as possible with ‘no-compromise’ performance. To succeed, Sprint Power will ensure that all of the T.50’s electrical systems remain durable when faced with the technical and physical extremes of such a performance application. Sprint Power is also developing lightweight, cutting-edge battery technologies that will be tested to their full potential in the driver-focused, high-performance supercar.

Sprint Power began working on the T.50 supercar in early 2019 and has ramped-up deployment of its highly skilled engineering team to meet the demanding timeframes required by the project. The company is working on novel electrical systems and battery technologies, to meet the full functional safety requirements of a production road-car. The car’s electrical systems are being developed to be as light as possible. This is crucial to keep the T.50’s weight below 980kg – around a third lighter than the average supercar – making it the lightest car in its class.

The new V12-engined supercar will produce a standard 650hp and be capable of 12,100rpm, the highest-revving engine ever used in a production car.

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