Paraben-alternatives based on 100 per cent renewable synergistic booster

Paul Boughton

Clariant is launching Nipaguard Zero - a line of optimised preservative blends that contain no parabens, yet deliver a comparable performance.

The Nipaguard Zero blends are developed for use in rinse-off and leave-on applications, wet wipes and difficult-to-preserve formulations, including an Ecocert1 approved option.

The Nipaguard Zero blends are based on 100 per cent renewable Velsan SC – a synergistic booster developed by Clariant that enables use of a reduced amount of preservatives to provide reliable protection against bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

Nipaguard Zero provides broad-spectrum preservation, is easy to use, safe and effective at low concentrations and also meets major regulatory requirements. The four products, all based on Velsan SC are: Nipaguard SCE, Nipaguard SCM, Nipaguard SCP and Nipaguard SCV.

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