Over-centre latches suit medium-duty applications

Paul Boughton

New 75 series medium-duty over-centre latches from Protex Fasteners are said to offer benefits in terms of ease-of-use, versatility and security. Incorporating a raised tail profile that ensures simple and effective operation - even by users wearing thick protective gloves - 75 series latches offer up to 10mm of grip range adjustment to suit guarding, enclosure, machine building and process equipment applications across a wide spectrum of operating temperatures and environments.
The new units feature a compact base design for easy location and mounting on assembly components, as well as a novel spring-loaded rocker safety catch that engages automatically on closing and can be padlocked to provide additional security.
Available in stainless steel and zinc-plated mild steel, with ultimate tensile strength figures of 750kgf and 650kgf, respectively, Protex 75 series latches are currently offered with a hook claw (pt no: 75-2753) or solid strap (pt no: 75-2573) for use with a range of catch plates.
Full details of the new Protex fasteners - including Autocad-compatible 2D drawings or 3D product models in native Solidworks, Step, Iges and E-drawing formats - can be downloaded for immediate use from the company's recently updated website.
For more information, visit www.protex.com

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